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Before Orthodontic treatment  can begin, orthodontic records are necessary.  Orthodontic records, in  conjunction with the orthodontic exam, confirm the diagnosis and help to plan treatment.

Records consist of two x-rays (Panoramic and Cephalometric), intraoral and extraoral photographs and study models.  We use digital photography and employ digital radiography in order to reduce your exposure to x-radiation.  After your records are completed, the doctors review them to ensure that the diagnosis presented to you during the consultation visit  is consistent with the records findings.

After this visit, orthodontic treatment can begin.

Orthodontic Records

Your first visit to our office is the Orthodontic Consultation. This visit is complimentary. Please expect to spend about one hour with us. Before the doctors can examine you, a medical history is necessary. In addition, any insurance information you may have relating to orthodontic coverage is helpful.

On the day of your appointment, our administrative team members will contact your insurance company for an estimate of your orthodontic benefit. You will then be seated in one of our private treatment suites. A member of our clinical team will take some digital photographs of your teeth. We have found that the digital photos help to communicate the orthodontic diagnosis. Dr. Dani or Dr. Jon will then review your medical history. This will be followed by an orthodontic examination. The examination consists of an evaluation of the position and relationship of your teeth.

After the examination we will review the photographs, discuss the findings of the examination and recommend treatment, if necessary