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Most  people think that orthodontic treatment is just for children.  The fact is, orthodontic treatment can be started at any age - provided you have no  periodontal problems and you are in good health.   Straight teeth can make it  easier to keep your teeth clean and your gums  healthier.  Another benefit is  increased self-confidence from a pleasing smile.

Invisalign and InvisalignTeen: The future of orthodontic treatment is here! Straighten your teeth without brackets and wires.  Treatment for adults and teens.  Ask us if aligner treatment is right for you!

Micro -  Mini Metal Braces:  The typical 'railroad track' look to braces is gone.   We work with the smallest metal brackets available.   These braces are much easier to keep clean than those of previous  generations.   In addition, with advances in bonding technology, most braces can be placed comfortably on one surface of the tooth, rather than encircling the entire tooth.   At each visit, our patients have the option of customizing  their  braces with decorative colors.  Which will you choose this month?

Ceramic Braces:  Patients who require increased esthetics may decide to have ceramic braces placed on their upper teeth.  These braces work just as well as their metal counterparts with the advantage of being less visible to the eye.


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