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Now that you have a new set of braces, you will  have  to adjust what you eat & how you eat certain foods.  Braces are not indestructible and are designed to "break  off" at a certain threshold of force to prevent tooth damage.  This is a good thing!!!  

But remember every  time a brace comes off,  treatment  time may be extended!!!

Here is a list of some of the foods you should stay away from: 
Hard, sticky and chewy  foods and candies such as  gum, Now and Laters, Starburst, Skittles, Gummi bears, Gummi worms, Sour Patch Kids,  Laffy Taffy, War Heads, Jaw Breakers,  Lollipops and anything with caramel  or nuts in it.  Chewing on ice, bottle caps and fingernails and eating popcorn should also be avoided.  As should chewing on pens, pencils and erasers.  Corn should be cut off the cob and meat should be removed from the bone (for example chicken wings and ribs).  Apples and bagels should be cut into small pieces and very carefully chewed with the back teeth. 

After a  while you will realize what it is you cannot  and what you should not eat.  A good rule of thumb is if you think it can harm  the appliance, than it  probably will,  therefore avoid it!!  As always maintain a  healthy and well balanced 

Dr. Jon and Dr. Dani are frequently asked is, "How long will I have to wear these braces?".   Your treatment time is an  estimate based on the complexity of the case and the speed your teeth move.  It varies from patient to patient.  Few patients realize how  important cooperation with treatment recommendations are, for example, wearing elastics.  Efficient  treatment is based upon an excellent working relationship and understanding  between the patient and  the orthodontist.

Discomfort associated with braces varies from individual to individual and  can also vary in duration from a few days to a few weeks.  The discomfort is derived from the loosening up of the teeth and the their subsequent movement.  Usually the administration of Tylenol or Motrin is effective in minimizing discomfort.  Remember, as with most new things, a period of  adjustment is expected and necessary.

And of course...encouragement and understanding from mom, dad and siblings is essential  during this adjustment.

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Regarding Your Functional Appliance

Hygiene is critical:  We recommend that your child brush 2 to 3 times a day.  Rinsing with diluted Listerine twice a day (morning and at bedtime)  is a very good adjunct to brushing - but it is not a replacement.  Brush your appliance with your toothbrush and toothpaste every time you brush your teeth.  Soak your appliance in water with an Efferdent tablet or in Listerine a few times a week to it keep clean and bacteria free.  After your appliance is finished soaking, you can use your toothbrush again to remove any remaining debris.  Rinse thoroughly prior to reinserting the appliance into your mouth.  Visiting your general dentist every 6 months is also  necessary as part of your regular oral hygiene maintenance.

Change in diet:  Now that you have a new appliance in  your mouth, you have to adjust what and how you eat.  The appliance is not indestructible.  Absolute no-no's  include foods and sweets that are extremely chewy, sticky, or crunchy (caramel, fruit roll ups, pizza crust, bagels or the  latest candy craze).  A good rule of thumb is if you think it can do harm to the  appliance, than it probably will - therefore avoid it!!  Items such as raw veggies should be cut up into smaller pieces.  The same goes for fruits and meats.  As always, maintain a healthy and well balanced diet.

Remember, as with most things, a period of adjustment  is expected and necessary.  This period of adjustment may vary from a few days  to a few weeks depending upon each individual child.  Encouragement and  understanding from mom, dad and siblings is essential during the adjustment.

As Dr. Jon & Dr. Dani always say, "The most critical aspect of successful orthodontic therapy is Cooperation, Cooperation and you guessed it Cooperation!!!"

Additional important information:  This appliance is to be worn 24 hours a day 7 days a week - 365 days per year.  The only time we recommend removal of the appliance is during oral hygiene, contact sports, swimming and if its ok with mom and dad, to enjoy a piece of sticky candy or gum (sugarless, of course) !!!

Regarding your Braces

Hygiene is very important!!!

As Dr. Jon & Dr. Dani always say,  “It’s nice to have straight teeth, but it’s even nicer to have healthy ones!!"

Hygiene is critical.  Braces are barriers to effective brushing.  Therefore more time & attention to oral hygiene is necessary to prevent tooth damage.  We recommend that you brush at least 2 to 3 times a day (morning, after breakfast & at bedtime).   Rinsing with diluted Listerine twice a day is very good as an ajunct to brushing - but it is not a replacement.  We have included a special toothbrush in your take home bag, called a proxa-brush.  This toothbrush is great at cleaning those areas between  the braces and undeneath the wire with a traditional toothbrush may be unable to  reach.  Use of a daily fluoride rinse (ACT) can also help protect the teeth against demineralization and decay.

Remember...visiting your general dentist every 6 months is also necessary  as  part of your regular dental maintenance!!!